Of the 75 million women in the US workforce, only 12% of women have access to paid maternity leave. Is it any surprise that so many women believe they cannot pursue both motherhood and their career?

Under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), companies with at least 50 employees are required by federal law to provide employees with a total of 12 weeks of unpaid leave and job protection. But, not all employees qualify for FMLA. And for many women, taking 12 weeks of unpaid leave is not possible, especially if she brings in the majority of her household income.

As an aspiring career woman with a passion for public policy, I believe pro-mom workplace policies not only promote motherhood but also help ensure that no one has to choose between their livelihood and their child. What’s more, research shows the implementation of pro-mom workplace policies increases employee productivity, retention, and loyalty. 

Although only a small portion of businesses offer paid maternity leave, I wanted to highlight the companies who have implemented the best pro-mom workplace policies. So, whether you have a family or you’re starting one soon, check out the top 15 companies with the best policies below.

Small Businesses with Pro-Mom Workplace Policies

Spikeball (24 Employees)

Even smaller companies can do big things, and Spikeball is proving this to be true. While Spikeball does not formally offer their employees paid maternity leave, they do offer their employees unlimited paid vacation! In addition, employees also have the option to work remotely, which may be helpful for new parents. When asked if there were any cons to working at Spikeball, a former employee stated, “Nothing … It’s just damn good.” Check out Spikeball employee benefits here.

Acceleration Partners (100+ Employees)

Acceleration Partners, an advertising and marketing company, has an extensive list of pro-mom benefits. From 8 weeks of paid paternity leave with an additional 4 weeks of unpaid leave, to flexible working hours and even a part-time option. Additionally, Acceleration Partners is 100-percent remote work!  Check out Acceleration Partners employee benefits here & here.

ShopRunner (51-200 Employees)

ShopRunner is among few small businesses that offer 16 weeks paid maternity leave as well as 8 weeks paid adoption leave. They also have flexible work hours and telecommuting options for their employees. One employee writes, “Having a family and being able to work from home and being able to have flexible hours and an understanding leadership team that respects a work-life balance is really something special.” Check out ShopRunner employee benefits here & here.

Community Impact Newspaper (220 Employees)

With locations throughout Texas, Community Impact Newspaper has taken huge steps within the last three years to improve their employee benefits. They offer their employees 6 weeks paid maternity and paternity leave. A current employee states, The flexible work environment is ideal for a family work-life balance.” Check out Community Impact Newspaper employee benefits here.

L.E.K. Consulting (580+ Employees)

Being on the larger side of small businesses, L.E.K. Consulting provides their employees 16 weeks paid maternity leave. Additionally, L.E.K. Consulting has been included in the top 100 best companies for working mothers for the last two years! Check out L.E.K. Consulting employee benefits here.

Medium-Sized Companies with Pro-Mom Policies

Vertex (855 Employees)

Vertex offers their employees 7 weeks of paid maternity leave, back-up childcare, and telecommuting options. Although smaller than many on this list, Vertex exemplifies that the implementation of pro-mom policies improves one’s workplace. They were recently named the 2019 Top Workplace by Philly.com for their fifth consecutive year! Check out Vertex employee benefits here & here.

Bain & Company (3,056 Employees)

Bain & Company knows that “priorities shift as you journey through life,” so they offer some of the best pro-mom workplace policies. They offer 16 weeks of paid maternity leave and a generous sabbatical program that may be helpful to new moms needing some extra time off. Bain & Company have dedicated their time and effort to create great pro-mom policies within the workplace. Check out Bain & Company employee benefits here.

A.T. Kearney (3,600 Employees)

Telecommuting options and spectacular reimbursement benefits are among the many pro-mom workplace policies that A.T. Kearney has implemented. In fact, 95% of A.T. Kearney employees work remotely. In addition, they also offer their employees 10 weeks paid maternity leave and flexible working hours! Check out A.T. Kearney employee benefits here.

CA Technologies (5,601 Employees)

With one of the best paid maternity leave policies, CA Technologies provides new moms with 18 weeks paid maternity leave! One former employee shares their experience at CA Technologies:

CA Technologies truly invests in its employees. The health and benefit plans are generous and there are amazing perks like 18 weeks of paid leave for new mothers, phase back for new parents, pet-ernity leave for parents of fur babies and unlimited vacation time. Perks like these demonstrate to employees that they are valued and result in committed and loyal employees who are able to innovate and create amazing solutions and results for CA’s customers!

Check out CA Technologies employee benefits here & here.

Unilever (7,891 Employees)

According to WorkingMother.com, Unilever was the best company for working mothers to work at in 2018. Unilever has been featured on WorkingMother’s 100 best companies list for the last six years as a result of the company’s determination to create the best workspace for working mothers. Unilever offers their employees 16 weeks paid maternity leave, as well as a back-up childcare benefit. Check out Unilever employee benefits here.

Fortune-500 Companies with Pro-Mom Policies

General Mills (13,513 Employees)

Although smaller in size compared to it’s Fortune 500 opponents, General Mills offers multiple “pro-mom” policies that we love. After being called out by some courageous employees for only offering 2 weeks of paid maternity leave to new parents back in 2018, General Mills worked hard to up its paid leave. Currently, General Mills offers 20 weeks paid maternity leave and back-up childcare! Check out General Mills employee benefits here & here.

American Express (19,777 Employees)

With a maternity leave policy that tops companies in our Fortune 500 section, American Express offers their employees an impressive 24 weeks paid maternity leave. Not only is their maternity leave stellar, but 90% of American Express employees state that it is a great place to work. Check out American Express employee benefits here & here.

Procter & Gamble (23,212 Employees)

With an impressive list of employee benefits, Procter & Gamble earned their spot on our “Top 15 Companies with the Best Pro-Mom Policies” for the company’s outstanding consistency throughout the last 30 years to implement pro-mom workplace policies. One employee writes, “The company improved their maternity and paternity leave policy a few years ago. 1 month off for new fathers. 16 weeks paid maternity leave with the option to take up to a year off before returning to work.”Check out Procter & Gamble employee benefits here & here.

Johnson & Johnson (40,153 Employees)

Johnson & Johnson offers their employees 17 weeks paid maternity leave as well as paid adoption leave and paid paternity leave. On top of their paid leave policy, Johnson & Johnson also provides six childcare centers across company campuses. This childcare is at a subsidized cost for employees, and they even provide discounts at local daycare centers if an employee does not have access to a campus daycare. Johnson & Johnson states, “It’s extremely important to us at Johnson & Johnson to nurture the careers of the women who work here.” Check out J&J employee benefits here.

Bank of America (175,176 Employees)

Bank of America offers their employees equal paid leave across the board. Mothers and Fathers alike receive 16 weeks paid leave as well as 10 weeks of unpaid leave if desired. Additionally, Bank of America offers their employees sabbatical programs and childcare reimbursement. One employee writes, “Bank of America has the best benefits compared to other employers that I know of. The medical benefits include fertility assistance, 4 months paid maternity/paternity leave, adoption assistance, among others.” Check out Bank of America employee benefits here & here.

Riley Akre is the Assistant Producer at Voices for the Voiceless, the movement to create a world where every person is valued and no one faces unplanned pregnancy alone. If you have any questions, you can reach Riley at riley@vftv.org.

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