Founder & CEO

Josiah is the visionary mastermind behind the #standbyher movement. A graduate of Arizona Christian University, he founded Voices for the Voiceless as a 501(c) not-for-profit in 2013 while pursuing double majors in Journalism and Political Science. He is widely known for his creative approach and compassionate cultural voice that reaches people from all sides of the issue. To learn more about Josiah’s story and vision, watch his TED Talk.


Creative Director

Ryan is the creative genius behind all things content. From designing graphics to producing documentary episodes, Ryan brings a keen eye for design, detail, and efficiency to every project he leads. Ryan has six years of experience in the movement as a photographer and creative. 

“The biggest problem with unplanned pregnancy and abortion in America is this: in our moment of greatest need for real, compassionate, empowering human relationship, there is a void of connection.”

 — Josiah Friedman, Founder & CEO


“I’m proud to be a part of the movement for the next generation to change the culture for life. Josiah and his team at VFTV are reinforcements the pro-life movement has been waiting for.”

Dr. Tracy Munsil

Associate Professor of Political Science, Arizona Christian University

“The impact of VFTV is broad and deep. Their creativity and efficiency as a movement allows them to reach thousands and make a lasting difference in the culture.” 

Jason Lloyd

Associate Consultant, American Philanthropic

“In order to change hearts and minds, we have to craft messages that resonate with people. Proud to be a part of this compassionate, honest, and authentic movement.”

Christopher Van Egmond

Marketing & Systems, Print.Save.Repeat.

Volunteer / Intern with Us

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