A documentary series by voices for the voiceless

The Voices Docuseries

Discover the true story of unplanned pregnancy and abortion in America, told by the people who know it best.

No politics. No opinions. Just Stories.

The Voices Docuseries is a documentary that tells the true story of unplanned pregnancy and abortion in America. Featuring over 130 man-on-the-street interviews in Phoenix, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland & Seattle, each episode explores unplanned pregnancy and its impact on our lives, relationships, and futures.

“Had I had someone share a story with me, it could’ve changed the trajectory of my life. If my story can help somebody else make a better decision or just to think about a predicament or a situation in a different way…I think it’s awesome.”

– Shauna

Hear her story in Episode #1 – “Dreams”

Why we did it

A word from the director

We took a team of 9 creatives across the West Coast to 5 big cities. Our goal? Find the untold story.

The true story of unplanned pregnancy in America is a story about love and fear. 1 in 2 pregnancies are unplanned, but nobody really talks about unplanned pregnancy or abortion. Behind the name-calling, the debate, and the bad advice are real people: women, their partners, their friends, their parents, and their communities.

Yet, the only the people who aren’t able to be vulnerable about their feelings on unplanned pregnancy are the ones going through it. We made this documentary to change that.

From Phoenix to LA and San Francisco, Portland and Seattle, we listened as strangers shared their stories, many for the very first time. They shared about fear, shame, heartbreak, and impossible odds. They shared about support, strength, and rising above desperate circumstances. They were heartbreaking and they were inspiring.

“Nobody can be strong alone.”— Heard in LA 

We interviewed 130 strangers. No politics. No opinions. Just the true story of unplanned pregnancy in America told by the people who know it best.

The most startling thing we learned from interviewing 130 strangers about unplanned pregnancy was this: the people we feel closest to don’t know we’ll be there for them if they need our support.

We’re not saying real support is simple. It’s easy to care too much or too little, to give unsolicited advice instead of listening and reminding her we’ve got her back. But real support? That changes everything.

This is a call to boldly enter into the pain of other people–not to solve their problems, but to listen to them. And to show them, by your presence and your words, that you’re going to be there every step of the way.

Because nobody can be strong alone.

Together, we can create a world where no one faces unplanned pregnancy alone and where the most important decisions in life are made out of love and not fear.

Meet the crew

Josiah Friedman


Ryan Marble


Nicole Stephens


Ted Willis


Justin “Jrob” Robinson


Mariah Maza


Emily Frazier


Caleb Arend


“These episodes give faces to a discussion where people are constantly hiding. The stories convey deep emotion and invite you to think about this issue in a new way.”

— Steven Tokos