Let’s celebrate the worth of people with Down syndrome from the start.

Add your voice to our #ExtraordinaryHuman Campaign and help us shift the Down syndrome narrative in America.

Worthy from the Start

The worth of people with Down syndrome should be celebrated in doctor’s offices, schools, workplaces, and every arena of society. People with Down syndrome are extraordinary, and our world is brighter because people with Down syndrome are in it.

67% of pregnancies prenatally diagnosed with Down syndrome end in abortion.

(Prenatal Diagnosis, 2012.)

“To make sure that the world sees all people with Down syndrome as totally worthy and embraces them wholly in every space, we need every kind of voice shouting the worth of people with Down syndrome, which means we need your voice.” — Heather Avis

Together, we will equip medical professionals to deliver the news with accuracy and hope.

Medical professionals have the very difficult challenge of presenting a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome. Many don’t ever receive sufficient training on how to do this with confidence, accuracy, and hope. As a result, the news is frequently delivered impersonally with a focus on the negative, leaving parents to spiral into a trajectory of hopelessness and fear. It’s time to equip medical professionals to deliver the news with accuracy and hope.

Are you a parent, medical professional, or Down syndrome advocate interested in being part of the solution? Consider joining The Coalition for Humane Diagnosis.

Only 36% of medical professionals felt “well qualified” in counseling an expectant mother whose prenatal screen suggests a high chance for Down Syndrome.

(American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, 2008.)

“No one overcomes as much as we do and still loves life so much.” — Frank Stephens

Share Your Story

We’re featuring the stories of extraordinary humans (with 1 extra chromosome) and their parents, who are defying expectations, overcoming obstacles, and making our world a better place.

Prenatal and postnatal stories welcome. Stories will be featured on Voices for the Voiceless social media.

“People with Down syndrome judge less, laugh more, and love stronger. Do you really want a world without this color in it?” — Madeline Stuart

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