Some Songs Go Unsung



About Voices for the Voiceless

Voices for the Voiceless is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit based in Arizona that exists to help students find their place in the pro-life movement. Through innovative projects in photojournalism, music, writing, technology, and beyond, Voices for the Voiceless is bringing together the rising generation of pro-life activists across the Southwest to tell the story of the 78%.

Josiah Friedman

Chief Executive Officer

An accomplished public speaker and student of political science at ACU, Josiah founded Voices for the Voiceless in 2009 and continues today as our CEO.

Paul Murray

Chief Financial Officer

Awarded a bachelor's degree of accounting by ASU, Paul manages our finances and directs five[78].

Andrea Voron

Event Director

A student of business management and marketing at ASU, Andrea directs events and helps with fundraising and the Unsung project.

Jesse Friedman

Marketing Director

A high-school student, podcaster, and math coach, Jesse oversees our marketing campaigns.

Austin Lee

Director of Network

A CIS major at Chandler Gilbert Community College, Austin directs the network development team.

Gracie McGeehon

Network Developer

A student at Mesa Community College and campus ministry leader, Gracie helps students throughout Arizona to tell the story of the 78%.

Brianna Voron


Pursuing a BFA in painting with a minor in design studies, Brianna is responsible for our visual identity across print and online media.

James Anderson


An accomplished storyteller and entertainer, James is lead contributor to the long form writing project.

Nathan Spear


An independent writer and student of linguistics, Nathan directs and contributes to our long form storytelling project.

Sam Friedman

Web Developer

A student of computer science at ASU, Sam manages all of our web properties.

Ryan Marble

Exposures Director

A high school graduate and professional photographer, Ryan directs the Exposures project.

Elizabeth Ryberg

Exposures Photojournalist

A graduate of ASU with a major in social work, Elizabeth is a member of the Exposures team.


What We Do.

At Voices for the Voiceless, we believe that what is sung in the streets is just as important as what is decided in the Oval Office. That's why we created Unsung, a music project that exists to facilitate an urban conversation about how abortion has affected members of our generation. On public stages across the state, our talented community of young musicians perform original songs that tell the story of the 78%.

About Us